Sealife Fisheye Wide Angle Lens

Sealife Fisheye Wide Angle Lens

One of the features I love best about the Sealife DC1400 is the built in Wide Angle Lens feature it offers. Even though its field of focus wasn‘t as wide as perhaps an additional lens, it seemed to do the trick and kept me from fumbling around with an add-on lens during a dive. Until Sealife introduced their brand new for 2103 the Sealife Fisheye Wide Angle Lens I had no idea how much I was giving up. The new lens gives divers and snorkelers the chance to bring more into their images. It is specifically designed to fit on any Sealife DC series camera and offers divers up to a whopping 80% increase in their captured field of view without changing the camera’s focus range. For the average underwater photographer this means the diver gets more of their scene into shots clearly. Rather than focusing on an image of a beautiful piece of coral it allows the chance to not only capture that coral but the sponge growing next to it and all the reef fish around as well. This new Fisheye Wide Angle Lens opens up the camera’s available field of view on the DC1400 from the standard 61 degrees to 111 degrees!


As with all new underwater photographers for example, the first thing we want to shoot is our dive buddy. And without fail we find that a choice has to be made of capturing a great shot of their upper body, or the subject being shot is so far away that all that is captured is a silhouette. With this lens not only can shots be taken close enough to make out the subject dive buddy clearly, but get the entire diver in the shot!

It is designed to attach underwater (don’t forget to purge any air bubble), and stows securely on the Sealife Lens Dock  until you need it. Its depth rated to 60 meters and comes complete with a lens dock, a safety lanyard and a padded protective case for when its stowed in your gear between uses. Finally, one of the best features of the lens is that it works equally as well for either still photography or video, so don’t forget to use it with underwater video for some really exciting shots!

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