Scuba Boat Coat/ Dive Parka with Hood and Polar Fleece Lining


Scuba Boat Coat

As this new winter storm grabs the NE portion of the US today it makes me think of warm thoughts and products to keep me comfortable even as I sit at my desk all the way across the country from it here in Southern California.

I used to coach Alpine Ski racing in the late 80′s and early 90′s. One of the best things I ever purchased for my comfort was a nice, long, oilskin drover’s coat like you’d see in the old western films. It cut the wind against my entire body being long as it was, kept me dry and was incredibly warm.  It’s only real drawbacks were it’s weight and the lack of a hood. When I became a scuba instructor and moved off the mountain I had visions of warm, sunny tropical climates, beaches with a warm breeze and crystal clear, calm waters to work in each day.  And while I did get to spend a few years in conditions very close to that, the reality of it is we dive where ever we find water and MUCH more of our diving is done in cooler climates than tropical. I rapidly found myself out on boats in breezy conditions or on beaches on cloudy, windy days wishing I had something like my old Drover’s Coat from the mountain but made for divers.

That’s when I discovered the Boat Coat.  The Scuba Boat Coat features a below-the-knee length, wind and water repelling nylon outer shell over a warm and soft polar fleece lining. Whether getting ready to gear up on a cold, damp day, trying to keep toasty and comfortable between dives or to help warm the diver back up again at the end of a day’s diving, this parka is the perfect choice. And the material it’s made from weighs a fraction of my old coat. The double-ended zipper opens both directions, allowing access to what ever the wearer may need inside without removing the coat entirely. It features wide openings at the sleeves to allow the diver’s hands to slide in or out of the coat easily, even when wearing a damp wetsuit. Once it’s on, tighten the Velcro cuffs to ensure the perfect fit around the wrists.



The two large outside pockets are protected by a Velcro closed flap and are angled for easy access and big enough to keep some spare defog, a wallet, cell phone or anything else the diver may need handy between dives. The adjustable draw-string hood ensures the cool air or breeze will be off of the diver’s neck and head.  The final added touch being the length of the jacket. Available in All Black and sizes Small through 2XL with the logo nicely embroidered on the chest, this jacket nicely offers a set of features that are all put together with warmth, function and comfort in mind.

About Bob

Bob is a long time Scuba Instructor, originally from the Pacific Northwest, who has held ratings all the way through Course Director for a variety of scuba training agencies. With experience over the years on both the commercial and recreational side of diving, and having had the luck to ply his trade in locations around the globe, Bob now enjoys tossing out his observations, reviews and little bits of "wisdom" (if you want to call it that) to anybody willing to listen.