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Ocean Quest Premium Super-Stretch Diving Hood 0

Ocean Quest Premium Super-Stretch Diving Hood

Another new product is the Ocean Quest Premium Super-Stretch Titanium Diving Hood.  These hoods are designed to offer the best possible fit using premium, 4 way-stretch, Titanium neoprene, double glued and blind stitched inside...


Sealife Fisheye Wide Angle Lens

One of the features I love best about the Sealife DC1400 is the built in Wide Angle Lens feature it offers. Even though its field of focus wasn‘t as wide as perhaps an additional...

AAACamera 0


I love this time of year for diving.  In the Northern Hemisphere it’s Autumn right now.  The weather has cooled as has the water in most places.  The sun isn’t nearly as intense as...

caribbean_fin 0

Ocean Quest Caribbean Full Foot Fins

The Ocean Quest Caribbean Full Foot Fins are an economical offering for divers and snorkelers.   The Caribbean Fin features proven Channel Thrust Technology that reduces water spillage over the sides of the blade during the kick cycle to give the diver optimal...